Hike365 Welcome To: Wadi Rum, Jordan

In early December, I learned I had the opportunity to take three weeks off from work, a vacation that long being a rare treat. My head was spinning with all the opportunities of places to visit, things to see, and of course, mountains to hike! Time was running out to plan, so I made a leap of faith and chose to visit the Middle East - specifically, the Wadi Rum desert of Jordan. I've always been enthralled by the desert, the people and the incredible amount of history that has been so influential to modern-day civilization.

Hike356 Welcome To: Death Valley National Park

Sand, rocks, and salt are not usually on my must-see list when I set out for an adventure. I am usually drawn towards lush forests and vast mountainscapes. So when my husband wanted to plan a trip to Death Valley National Park, I was skeptical. I couldn't imagine how visually stimulating the desert would be, but boy did Death Valley surprise me in so many different ways.

Hike365 Welcome to: Lakes & Larches- Lake O’Hara

Lush forest, vibrant lakes, massive waterfalls, glowing golden larches, and over 80 km of trails – Lake O’Hara is something out of a dream. Every step I took in this beautiful park left me in awe. Not even 3-days wandering around this magnificent place is enough to take in all its beauty.