Gear Review: Winter Hiking Kit From Title Nine

This past year has been full of challenges and changes, but one of the best things we’ve seen in our community is that more people are looking to get outside and they’re making more conscious purchases, too! 

When we came across Title Nine, a woman-owned and run brand, we fell in love. Not only do they have great outwear, but the brand works hard to uplift other women through their Mover & Makers Pitchfest. The winners get their gear featured in Title Nine catalogs. Plus, instead of just offering mentorship, Title Nine actually gives them a purchase order to jump-start their business and provide a stable vendor. 

I got to try out three awesome pieces including the Valkyrie Pants, the Crash 2.0 Jacket, and the Callitrix Fleece Jacket.

Valkyrie Pants – $119

I ordered my usual size in the Valkyrie Pants and they were a perfect fit! Since they have a bit of stretch, I was able to fit a pair of skin-tight leggings under without any issues. The bottom of each pant leg also has a reflective line for increased visibility and a zipper to allow more room for different footwear. 

My favourite feature: The oversize pockets! I could easily fit my iPhone and it didn’t look bulky.

Crash 2.0 Jacket – $149

The Crash 2.0 Jacket works great as a mid-layer, or in my case, an outer layer on a mild day. This jacket managed to feel light while it was on, even though it felt thicker and warmer than it appears online. Because it’s made of 10% spandex, it’s got just the right amount of stretch to wear for any activity. 

My favourite feature: The thumb holes! If you’re wearing mittens and take them off, your hands are still protected but you can text or snap a photo.

Callitrix Fleece Jacket – $139

Lastly, the Callitrix Fleece Jacket. This is a great jacket to keep in your car if you’re a frequent adventurer! It can be thrown on as a top layer, or you can sport it apres ski for a fashion-forward look. Did I mention how soft it is!? 

My favourite feature: The snaps! Most of my outerwear has zippers, so it’s a different look. Plus, it’s built well so not too much cold air slips through when it’s done up. 

T E S T E D – W R I T T E N + P H O T O G R A P H E D B Y


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