Save Your Gear – Part 1: Puffy Jackets

Often you get a jacket or sweater that you love so much, you are almost nervous to wear it, but of course you do and of course it gets a snag or hole.

Today we will be talking about puffy jackets – down and synthetic. They are light weight and a perfect warmth for any adventure, only snag (no pun) – they rip easily. Whether it is a tree branch, a dog’s claw, ski pole or some other accident, there is a solution. Done the right way, you can make your favourite piece last forever.

– Identify the hole.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 10.26.43 AM

– Try and push the stuffing back in. If you are on an adventure and have tape in your pack, go ahead and put a tiny piece on to “stop the bleeding” so to speak. But keep in mind duct tape and other non-fabric tapes can make the hole worse when trying to patch properly.


– Once you are home you will need, rubbing alcohol, scissors, and nylon fabric repair tape (Gear Aid Tenacious Tape works great.)

– Clean the hole with the alcohol. This is to make sure the surface area is clean, allowing the tape to stick on better. Let it dry (just a minute or so) then cut the fabric tape to a circle or a shape with rounded edges slightly larger that the hole. You do not want to do a square cut (see below) because dirt will get in the edges.

Attachment-1 2

– Next, apply the tape and rub. Then go outside and enjoy!

Check out Gear Aid’s Tenacious Tape and check out Patagonia’s new Mirco Puff (it took us a while and a few adventures to snap a hole – we highly recommend this jacket!)


Images outside by Jessica Harcombe Fleming

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