Great Gift Idea – Zipka headlamp by Petzl


Being in the dark—both literally and figuratively—usually sucks, so having a handy light in your back pocket for an emergency can be a game changer.The Zipka made by Petzl, should be your choice. The Zipka fits in the palm of your hand and only weighs 2.3 ounces. It has a self-adjusting, retractable cord, so it can fit on any head, or on your water bottle, or anything that you can wrap it around. The Zipka is a Hybrid so it can use two energy sources. One source is Petzl’s CORE technology a rechargeable USB battery and the second source – oldschool style – three triple A batteries. It has four lighting settings, bright, super bright and damn near blinding bright. They also added a red lighting setting which helps you not blind your friends and a glow in the dark ring – which helps when you need to find your lamp in the dark.)

This tiny headlamp is water resistant and super durable – we have dropped a number of times and it even works when cracked. The Zipka is also easy to turn on and off with a soft button, but doesn’t turn on when it is in your pocket or rolling around in your pack. 

We have found that the Zipka is beyond handy for following activities – camping, hiking, searching for anything under a sofa, bed, or car, blackouts, side of the road emergencies (we have checked oil with the Zipka and even done midnight roadside bathroom breaks), entertainment for restless children and some immature adults, fixing bikes in the woods at dusk as well as extra light for home improvement projects. It also makes a great stocking stuffer for your favorite adventurer! 

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