Great Gift idea – Flowfold Leashes

Anytime you can give life to old materials is a win for the earth. Here in the Bow Valley, we have to keep our dogs on leashes most of time because of the wonderful parks that surround us. Having a good leash makes the experience that much nicer for you and your four legged pal.

We recently found Flowfold, a company from Maine that makes clean, simple and durbale products. Known for their sailcloth wallets and bags, Flowfold has teamed up with Sterling Climbing ropes to make a super sturdy, well designed dog leash called The Trailmate.

Made from reclaimed climbing rope, the Flowfold leash features a nice hand loop along with an easy to use brass clasp (which does not freeze up in the cold!) These ropes are “dynamic” and were intended for people’s weight and falling. This means there is a slight bounce to the rope which is really nice for you and your dog if they ever pull on lead.

The leashes come in bright climbing rope colors which make for a super sweet gift for any of your K-9 loving friends.


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