French Press’d is Best

When you wake up before the sun rises while winter camping a warm drink to kick start your day is probably the first thing on your mind.  That and “where the heck is my headlamp??” As conductors of our own Java Trains when out in the backcountry we thought we’d share one of our fav ways to make a perfect cuppa joe!

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Photo by North Birch Grove
1.       Set up Jetboil and fill to the fill line with water.  Push button to start Jetboil.
2.       As the water is boiling, measure out the desired amount of coffee based on the size of the Press. (Note: a French Press uses a coarse grind).
3.       Add the ground coffee into the Press. We love Kicking Horse’s Kick A#* Blend!
4.       Once the water reaches the boiling point (if you’re using non treated water, be sure to let it rolling boil 3 minutes for every 2,000m above sea level) turn off Jetboil and slowly pour the water onto the coffee in the Press.  Stir immediately. Let rest and when grains float to the top stir once more.
5.       Place the plunger on top of the press in the up position to minimize heat loss, but do not press down.
6.       Let the coffee brew for 4 minutes (adjust time based on preference).
7.       Slowly lower the plunger down, ensuring it is even, until the plunger is at the bottom.
8.       Pour, serve, and enjoy!
9. *optional: add in a good glug of your fav liqueur or spirit!


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  1. I work with Tara banshee. She suggested this hiking group to me. I am interested in finding out more information on your hiking trips.

    1. Hi Julie – if you sign up for our newsletter, we send out all our hike info through that!

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