Review: Munk Pack Oatmeal Squeezes

Over the past few months we’ve partnered with the fine folks over at Munk Pack to try out their 3 flavours of ready-to-eat oatmeal fruit squeezes packed w/ grains & fruit bites on the trail!

Here’s the LOW-DOWN on them!

  • Ready-to-eat, on the go!
  • Sustained Energy w/ Fiber (3-4g)
  • Sugar from Fruit Only
  • Omega 3 from Flax
  • BPA-free Packaging

At first the thought of an oatmeal snack with fruit in a pouch seemed like something made for the younger, and we mean younger members of our community (2-10years old!) But we hit the trail with them + it’s unanimous, we love #munkpack!

Munk Pack’s can be found at Costco’s for Canada, and at loads of locations in the USA!

We’ve decided to pair reviews from members of our community of Munk Pack’s below, so take a read +  visit to find out where you can get your own to try!

Chanel Aries | YYC

“Munk Packs are a great treat for anyone on the go & a nice switch from my regular trail snacks. I love that they are resealable, but they usually don’t last long enough to be resealed, especially if I’m carrying a pouch of Blueberry Acai.”-   Chanel | YYC | Instagram

Megan | YYC

“Super tasty and not too sweet! Apple cinnamon is my fav, a great way to get some quick energy. I had the apple quinoa cinnamon, it was quite yummy. Super easy to use and very delicious!” – Megan | Landman | YYC | Instagram


“Yummy! Tastes so good!” – Ezmei | Canada | 6 years old

Diana | YYC | Sportswear Industry

“My favourite is the blueberry one! I love it as a trail snack because it doesn’t feel heavy in the stomach and the bit of sweetness gives a great little sugar kick too!” – Diana | Sportswear Industry | YYC

Lisa | Geologist | YYC

“The blueberry Acai munk pack is also my favorite , it’s packaging makes it quick and easy for an energizing and very tasty snack for  any time of day on the trail!” – Lisa | Geologist | YYC | Instagram

AV | Photographer | Canmore

“I like to pair any of the flavours with a banana sprinkled with cinnamon for a quick + easy pre hike breakfast if you’re starting out before the sun rises!” – AV | Photographer | Instagram | Website

“I love finding new snacks – so these cute packages with delicious sounding flavours was a real win!  They’re all so tasty – with the added benefit of being gluten free, and a source of omega 3 and fibre – you really can’t go wrong.  The winning combination for me is the raspberry and coconut.  Slightly tart, with two of my favourite flavours in a super convenient pack for on the go – for both me and my kids!” – Beth Event Co-Ordinator | YYC | Instagram

“I’m a fan of the blueberry flax acai, great flavour and not overly sweet. I love how they’re super accessible when you’re literally on the move on a trail, or wherever you choose to enjoy your energizing snack 😎 Also, super cool that you can put the cap back on and save the rest for later.” – Jacalyn | Social Worker | YYC | Instagram 

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