Survey: Let’s Build a Top Ten Hike List!

• We are working on a Top Ten Summer Hikes List to share with + engage our community + want your input via an online survey for which 10 it is going to be! •

• We are looking forward to putting the results together thanks to you all taking the time to fill out our survey! Please share your hikes by Wednesday April 8th at 9am MST •





 •  We will be sharing photographs along with each hike on various social media + website platforms including the Juniper Hotel + Bistro Banff  and in a special section in the summer issue of Highline Magazine. If you have photographs from your hikes you’d like us to share to please provide your email at the end of the survey. Photographs will be credited to you + link to your social media handles/ website.

•  You will be entered in a draw to win a 12×18″ print from North Birch Grove, please enter your email address at the end of the survey!

<3 Hike365


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