Questions: Why are Hike 365 community events all girls?

We’ve had a few questions lately on why our community events are for all girls.

So we decided to ask a few of our members first hand why they enjoy Hike365 being an all girls community.

Wasootch Ridge Kananaskis Country Alberta

– “I love being able to connect with other girls who have the same passion for hiking as I do.  We have so much fun on our adventures together which motivates + inspires me to keep getting out there when I see fellow girls up there on the mountain!” – Lisa | Alberta Canada


Backcountry Hut in Banff National Park Photo by: North Birch Grove

– “It can be intimidating as a girl to get outdoors, and with an all girls community it builds confidence in our ability to do things together that we might not normally do on our own” – Dani | Alberta Canada


Moraine Lake Banff National Park by North Birch Grove

– “I’ve made amazing friends through Hike365! All girls events helps us bond over a shared interest and there’s no competition” – Jocelyn | Alberta Canada


Grand Canyon AZ Backpacking Trip

– “It’s loads of fun to be with a group of girls who enjoy the outdoors.  I find it encouraging to myself, and I am sure it is to other girls as well to get outdoors when I know that others like me are out there on the trails!” – Diana | Alberta Canada


Helen Creek Banff National Park

– “There’s no pressure, I enjoy being able to bond with fellow female outdoor enthusiasts about where I want to hike + explore and have the support of a community to help me reach my goals in a non-competitive setting.” – Leah | Alberta Canada


Sacajawea Peak Bridger Range Montana

– “As an avid hiker I didn’t have a lot of girl friends to explore the outdoors + tackle new adventure challenges with. I was often asked on social media where I hiked + contacted by girls I didn’t even know to see if I offered hiking workshops!  I saw a need from my peers for a supportive, member influenced, and non competitive community of all girls so I decided to get started on fulfilling it!”- AV | Founder Hike 365 | Canmore Alberta


5 thoughts on “Questions: Why are Hike 365 community events all girls?

  1. I love everything that Hike 365 represents. The all girl community is inspiring! I hope to get on a hike when my work schedule changes. You girls are ALL amazing.

    1. Lindsay! Thank you so much for your comment! We will be posting our feb + march dates upcoming! Its girls like you that make this community so great!

  2. Great post! I think you girls are fantastic. It can be off putting to join a mixed outdoors club or group, so it’s good that all female groups exist! It’s so inspiring to see women creating a positive space for other women to enjoy. It’s things like this that are so important in communities, and hopefully this may have some impact on young women out there by teaching them the amazing things their bodies can do, and the limits of human physicality – not just about how their body looks! I wish this group had been around when I was living in Banff National Park, I’d have been on it for sure!! Keep up the good work!

    1. Wow thanks for your comment Laura! We think it is important to share that we are not an all girls community to exclude boys, but because it works for us & tell our story of why! Thats awesome you lived in Banff, were you working while you were there?

      1. Yes, I worked at the Lake Louise Ski Area for two winters 2011-12 and 2012-13. I miss the Rockies (as anyone would!), so it’s great to be able to follow your Albertan adventures on social media. Keep hiking, and keep on loving it! 🙂

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