Ski Trip: Moraine Lake

Winter in Canada can be awfully cold, but with the right gear, training, good friends, and a delicious lunch, an amazing day spent exploring can be had!

Cross-country skiing on a track set trail is one of my favourite winter activities when it hasn’t snowed recently or backcountry conditions are a bit scary! The Moraine Lake Road track is located near one of Alberta’s most famous of natural places, Lake Louise.


Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day especially when xc skiing is involved. A day of moderate skiing can burn up to 2,000 calories & engages your whole body.


Dorian whipped up some over-night oats packed with filling oats & chia seeds, loaded with protein rich almond milk & walnuts, and a little bit of sweetness thanks to bananas and a touch of maple syrup! Stay tuned for the recipe to a great breakfast!

XC is definitely an activity for all fitness levels, as it is very easy to set your own pace and intensity level. We opted to do a longer ski with minimal elevation gain so we could enjoy the beautiful day together, stop for lunch, and work on our techniques and skills. At the end of the day we clocked over 17km, with about 15km of our day on a track set trail. It had snowed over night & we headed out before they groomed, but had a blast especially on the way down!


I invested in a thermos that keeps drinks hot for 24 hours. It’s a smart investment on a cold day on the trail in winter! It was fun to enjoy a view of Mt Babel over a warm mug of spiced tea.


I brought my stove with me, so we heated up some “penny soup” made the night before. Whole grain sandwiches loaded with greens, tomatoes, mozzarella, and tuna helped recharge our energy levels for the way back! Recipe for Penny Soup coming soon


Building a hiking + camping kit is an ongoing adventure. I am always in search of new items to add to my arsenal. Mountain Equipment Co-Op is a great place to head to when starting out!

Enamel Cups: from a recent trip to Finland
Stove: MSR
Backpacking pot set: GSI

Packing your own what i like to call “pick me ups” is how I change it up from the usual Lara or Clif brand energy bars. A handful of figs and almonds tastes great & is the perfect pick me up when you’re moving along the trail.


Please make sure you have the appropriate skills if you are heading into the backcountry. Part of our day was spent in avalanche terrain. After testing the snow pack, and assessing other important factors, we opted to turn around, saving visiting the lodge + lake for another day.


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